3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 1 😀❤️

Thank you Bittermarshmellos (link below) for nominating me for this challenge!! Below are the rules and my nominations for today.





I went to see Amy Schumer’s new movie “I Feel Pretty” last night and this quote really resonates with the message I received sitting in that theatre arm deep in buttery popcorn. Self confidence IS a super power. I found myself admiring Amy and how she carried herself so confidently despite what other people may have judged about her. She strutted around like she owned the world, she wasn’t intimidated or anxious about anything she just owned it! There’s a message in the movie about how our child selves would walk around with our bellies out and wouldn’t care at all about what other people thought. Not that we all need to be half naked all the time, but we should be so in love with ourselves that we pay no mind to other opinions. And that is when the magic happens. The magic she exuded jumped off the screen and really inspired me to look closely at how I carry myself.


Rules for the challenge are :

1. Thank the person who have nominated you for the challenge.

2. Post 3 quotes (1 for each day) for 3 days consecutively.

3. Nominate three more bloggers for the same challenge each day.

Today’s Nominations:

✨Jen Kennedy


✨Karissa Poulton







One thought on “3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 1 😀❤️

  1. Self Confidence !!!!….
    What a Key point!!..
    For everyone, Self confidence is the only way to develop positivity and positivity makes the things positive. When the things become positive, you become happy. When you become happy, you feel satisfied. When you feel satisfied, there’s no greed of anything. When there’s no greed, there’s no jealousy and anger. When there’s no anger, the peace prevails. When the peace prevails, there’s no anxiety or stress……..and so on….
    Millions of decades have passed, millions will pass. But the BASICS OF LIFE will remain same for each and every life.
    Brief but effective and one of the King Key of Life.
    Well done…. 👍👍

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